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Rasgulla is the ultimate Bengali sweet and is one of my favorite…..but i hardly eat this now due to some reasons. So when i saw this recipe on Sharmis Passion, i had to try this, hubby is a sweet lover so it was a good chance to try this. Sharmi has explained very nicely with a step by step method and do hop over there as well as she has a very nice collection of recipes with very good pics as well.


Recipe from Sharmis Passion


Milk 1/2 ltr

Curds 2 tbsp

Sugar 3/4 cup

Water 1 3/4 cups

Cardamom Powder 1/2 tsp


Heat milk and bring to a boil,  add 2 tbsp curds and stir continiously till the whey separates.

Rest this for 10 mins and strain the mixture in a muslin cloth over a bowl.

U can use the whey for kneading the dough or you can add it to dals or soup.

Wash the paneer nicely in running water and squeeze all the excess water.

Tie the cloth nicely and hang it on a sink tap for 30 mins.

After 30 mins take the crumbled paneer in a plate and knead nicely for atleast 10 mins till it becomes very smooth dough.

Make them into small balls and keep aside. I could make 10 balls out of them.

Heat water in a pan and when hot add sugar and mix nicely and keep stirring till sugar is dissolved. Add cardamom powder at this stage.

When  the syrup starts boiling,  slowly add the balls one by one and cook them on high for 3 mins.

Cover with a lid and cook for the next 10 mins with a occasional stir.

After 10 mins the balls would have doubled in size and the rasgullas would be ready.

U can chill it for some time before serving.


At home the rasgullas were consumed when warm itself and were very very soft in texture, but once when i had chilled them in the fridge for some hours they had become a bit stiff in texture so had to reheat them again.

I use the whey water in kneading the dough for chapatti.

Hubby loved it when warm but still have to figure out the reason they got stiff after chilling them.


3 thoughts on “Rasgulla

  1. My name is Sharmi frm Mumbai nd exactly same happened web put in fridge it became hard …,wht can be the reason

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