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Misal Pav


Misal Pav is a famous Maharastrain street food, this is a spicy spicy dish and taste totally yum.

To start you will need the sprouts of matki dal. This is how i make the sprouts, wash and soak the dal overnite. Next drain the water and place the dal in a muslin cloth and place it in a box, it will take close to 24 to 30 hours  for the sprouts to come out.

Misal Pav

Recipe :

1.  Heat oil in a pan , add rai and jeera and 1 chopped onion. Fry for a minute.

2. Add r.chilli, haldi , dhaniya powder and a good spoonful of goda masala and saute for 10 secs.

3. Make a paste of little coconut, 5-6 cloves of garlic, 1 small tomato and add it to the pan.

4. Cook the paste nicely and add the sprouted matki and salt. Saute for a couple of mins so that the dal is coated in all the masalas and looks shiny. Add water* and cook for 10  mins. Check if the dal is cooked. Garnish with coriander leaves.

* Add more water as this should be a very thin gravy so u need to add more masalas.

To assemble

In a bowl firstly add the dal and then top it off with the gravy *( It is also called as Kat ).
Top it off with chopped onion, a spoonful of green chutney (My touch), curds if you want, namkeen of your choice and a good squeeze of lemon juice.

Serve hot with buttered and toasted pav.

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Pav Bhaji



I love Pav bhaji and especially the one i make it :). After various trails i have perfected the recipe for the same. So here goes the recipe.

1.Chop 3 potatoes, 1 carrot and some cabbage .  Here you can use veggies of your choice.

2.Pressure cook these along with a handful of fresh peas for 3 whistles.

3. Heat oil and butter in a pan and add 1 small chopped capsicum and saute them for a minute, add puree of 1 onion, 3 small garlic cloves and some ginger and fry nicely.

4. Add r.chilli powder, pav bhaji masala, haldi , dhaniya powder and salt and cook for some seconds.

5. Add puree of 3-4 tomatoes and also the boiled and mashed veggies at this stage.

6. Mix nicely, add little water if required to get the right consistency and cook for close to 15 mins.

7. Just before taking it off the heat add a tbsp of butter and coriander leaves.

I always taste and adjust the masalas and seasoning according to my taste. So taste and make it more spicy or less accordingly. The main difference and the best taste was when i added the veggies along with tomato puree. Earlier i used to fry the puree nicely and then only add veggies.

Serve hot with buttered and toasted pav, chopped onion and lemon wedges.


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Kothimbir Vadi – A Lip smacking Appetizer!

Cooking for me has never been restricted to the food i grew up eating at home, from starting i was happy to wander from the regular food and try something new. Like most girls i have learnt cooking after getting married and have slowly learnt from step to step. From a girl like, whose 1st dish Upma was a disaster, i have come a long way. The daily meals in my house is a mix of Rajasthani, Marathi and diff cuisines thrown in together.

Some 3 years back i dint have any knowledge of food blogs and in search of some recipes i landed on Harini’s Blog, I was awed of her blog from starting and hers must be one of the blog where i have read all the archived post as well. Love her ideas of being a vegan and how she follows it so religiously. I can’t imagine my day without a cup coffee or without ghee and butter. Hats  off to her for following her ideas and she is an inspiration to all of us. I love her photography and i am always on the lookout of her post, there is so much to learn from her and she was one of the 1st person i had contacted when i creating my blog and so thankful for the tips she had given. Please Hop over to her blog and you will be glad to have discovered it if not u have stumbled upon it earlier.

Kothimbir Vadi is a maharastrian snack and i remember eating these long time back on a visit to my in-laws  place , had liked the taste of it and completely forgot about it  till recently when Harini posted a pic of it on Facebook. So decided to finally give them a try and so happy with the outcome of it. It is a Quiet healthy snack as well and uses of loadz of coriander. I have followed her recipe to the ‘T’ and  have not made any changes. But have written down the recipe here as well for my reference.

Kothimbir Vadi

Recipe Source : ToungeTicklers


Coriander leaves  3 cups

 Besan  1 cup 

Ginger  1″

G.Chillies 2

Garlic  1 pod

Water 2 cups

Haldi 1/4 tsp

Salt  to taste

Oil 1 tbsp

For Seasoning
Oil  3-4 tbsp
Sesame seeds  1 tsp
Mustard seeds  1 tsp
Curry leaves
G.chili 1
Grind Ginger, Garlic and G.chillies to a paste.
Clean the coriander leaves and wash them nicely keep aside.
Grease a plate and keep aside.
Mix besan, salt, haldi and water and prepare a batter. Mix coriander leaves as well and mix.
Heat oil in a non stick pan and add the g.chilli paste and cook for a min till then raw smell of the garlic goes.
Add the besan mixture and keep on stirring regularly till all the water evaporates and the whole mixtures comes to thick consistency like a wet dough.
Here the non stick pan really helps as the mixture doesn’t stick on the bottom or else u can also use a very thick bottomed kadai.
This whole cooking process will take up to 8-10 mins on a medium flame.
Transfer the dough like to the greased plate and spread evenly and let cool completely.
Cut into desired shapes.
Heat oil in a non stick pan and add all the ingredients under seasoning. Place the cubed pieces and shallow fry them on both sides till the outer layer is nicely crisped and browned.
Serve them hot with chutney of your choice or it will be also a good side dish for Dal and Rice as we had. 
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Sabudana Khichdi

A quick Maharastrian brekki recipe which is also made during fasting days. It is a  very easy peesy recipe but the important part of the recipe is the type of sabudana you use. Earlier i have tried with the the regular sabudana but my khichdi turned out to be a messy and gooey mixture, but now i use Nylon sabudana and prepare them on a nonstick pan and they turn to to be great.


Sabudana Khichdi.

Serves 2


Nylon Sabudana (Sago Pearls) 3/4 cup

Potato 1 big

G.chillies 2-3

Salt to taste

Oil 2tbsp

Peanuts 1/4 cup + 1 tbsp


Soak sabudan for 10 mins and drain all the excess water and keep aside for 1/2 hour.

Dry roast peanuts till light brown and when cooled grind them to a coarse powder.

Chop potatoes into slices or cubes.

Finely chop G.chillies.

Heat oil in a pan, add the 1tbsp peanuts and then g.chilli and potatoes.

Add little salt and saute them till the potatoes are cooked which can take about 2 mins.

Add sabudana, salt and the peanut powder and mix nicely.

Cover with a lid and cook for 5 mins on a slow flame.

Keep stirring occasionally and when done serve hot  with a bowl of ghee.

Another look

Pinks Notes

Add or decrease the number of g.chillies according to your taste.

I would suggest making this in a thick kadai or better in a non stick pan,the sago wont stick to the bottom of the pan.

Aloha till next post. 🙂

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Dal Kaanda

Dal kaanda is a spicy maharastrain dal which makes use of goda masala and is a great accompaniment to rice or roti.I had it for the 1st time when i was visiting my inlaws and loved this dal. In their house majority of the cooking was done on wood fire and it surely does impart a different flavor to the dish as well.

Dal Kaanda


Tur Dal 1/2 cup

Onion 2 large ones chopped

Garlic 3 cloves crushed

Oil 1 tbsp

Rai 1/2 tsp

Jeera 1 tsp

Kala/Goda masala 2 tbsp

Roasted peanut powder 2 tbsp

haldi 1/2 tsp

salt to taste

water as required

Corinader leaves.


Wash and dal nicely and drain the water.

Heat oil in a kadai,  add rai ,jeera and then add onions and garlic

Saute then for 2 mins on a low flame.

Add dal and saute on a slow flame till u get a nutty aroma of the dal.

Add water and haldi and cook the dal on a medium flame for 15 mins.

The dal will be half cooked at this stage , then add salt, kala masala , peanut powder and mix nicely.

Cook again for the 10-15 mins till the dal is completely cooked but has its shape.

Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot with roti and rice.