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Thattai (Nuppitu)

This is a savory snack i had prepared for Diwali but hardly had time to post this. his is something similar to nuppitu which you will find in any churmuri stall in Mysore. This was my 1st attempt at making them and loved the way they came out, and when bloggers post step to step pics it becomes much more simpler to understand a recipe. I suck at step by step pics and hardly can take clicks of the whole process.


Reicpe Source  Sharmis Passion

Makes 30 No’s 


Rice Flour 2 cups

Urad dal Flour 1/8 cup

Dalia/Roasted gram dal 1/2 cup

chana dal 1 tbsp

Butter 1 1/2 tbsp

Curry leaves 10 no’s

salt to taste

Sesame seeds 1 tbsp

R.chilli powder 1 tsp


oil to deep fry


Prepare urad dal flour

Take 1/2 cup urad dal and dry roast them till slightly brown in color.

when cooled grind to a smooth and fine powder.

Seive and use as required.

Soak chana dal for 15 mins.

Dry roast rice flour for a min and keep aside

Dry roast dalia and when cooled grind to a fine powder

In a bowl mix all the ingredients from rice flour to R.chilli and mix nicely.

Add enough water to make a smooth and soft dough..It should not be very sticky so be careful while adding water.

Take 2 plastic sheets and grease both of them.

Take a big ball sized of the dough and roll it between 2 sheets. roll it thinly and prick all over.

Cut rounds using a round cutter or else a lid of a bottle will also do.

Heat oil in a pan for frying and drop the thattai’s in hot oil and fry them on a medium flame till brown in color.

Let cool and store in a jar.


Adding some halved roasted and soaked peanuts will also be a good addition.

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Gujiya-Karjikai-Kadubu-Karanjya One Dish Many Names

Diwali the festival of lights is  synonymous with lights crackers and loadz and loadz of sweets as well  and even i prepare the some sweets at home. Karjikai is the one of the most commonly prepared sweets on diwali and even i make a tradition of doing it every year. Diwali is already over but i wanted to post this recipe anyways for my blog……..dont want to wait till next diwali for this so here goes the recipe

There are varoius different stuffings these are made with and they differ from region to region. I use a simple stuffing of dry coconut, rawa sugar etc.



For Outer Covering 

All Purpose Flour 1 cup

Shiroti rawa 3 tbsp

pinch salt

2 tbsp hot oil


For Stuffing

Grated Dry Coconut 1 cup

Shiroti rawa 1/4 cup

Poppy seeds 1/8 cup

Powdered Sugar 3/4 cup

Cardomom Powder 1 tsp

Cashew and badam chopped 3-4 tbsp

 raisins 10 no’s

Oil for deep frying


Outer Covering

Mix all the ingredients for dough, add water and prepare a semi dough. the dough should not be too soft and sticky. Make the dough like the one you will make for poori.

Cover with a wet cloth and rest for 30 mins.l

For Stuffing

Dry roast grated coconut for a min and just pulse it in a mixes once. It shouldnt be powdery but the grated peices must be slightly broken

Dry roast shiroti rawa for 2 mins till slightly creamish in color.

Dry roast poppy seeds and when cooled grind to a powder.

In a bowl mix coconut, rawa, Poppy seeds, powderred sugar, cardamom powder and nuts.

Mix everything nicely till well incorporated.

Give it a taste so that you can check the sweetness.

I usually make this mixture a night before making the karjikai’s so that mixture is rested and all the flavors are mixed.

prepared karjikai

Knead the dough once again and make small lemon sized balls.

With the rolling pin roll it into small poori’s .

Take the poori in your hand and place around 1 1/2 tbsp stuffing in the centre.

Fold it into a hald circle and press the edges to make sure that the filling doesnt come out. You can spread some water on the edges to get it sealed nicely.

You also get a small karjikai box which you can use. It is much easier to use these boxes.

Repeat the same for all the balls.

keep the karjikai’s covered with a cloth so they wont dry out.

Heat oil in a kadai and deep fry them on medium flame till light brown in color.

When cooled store them in a airtight Jar.

You can store these for upto 20 days.


Stuffings for these do vary, some use jaggery, khoya and dalia powder.

I prefer roasting the grated coconut as the shelf life increases with it.

Sealing the corners is very important or else while frying the stuffing will start to come out.

Do check this video of making karjikai  where they have explained the whole process.

I am sending this post to Srav’s Culinary Concepts who is hosting

Announcing Cooking Concepts 4 – Festive Food


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Spicy Sev

I had prepared some sweet and savoury snacks for diwali and will be sharing some of those recipes. These sev are mine and sakshi’s favorite, loved the way they turned out. I would recommend the addition of garlic but if u could skip it as well.

Spicy Sev

Recipe Source: Sharmis Passion


Besan Flour   2 1/2 cups

Rice flour – cup

Black pepper 1 tsp

Ghee  2 1/2 tsp

Crushed garlic  2 cloves grated

Salt  to taste

water not more than 1/4 cup

oil for frying


Grind pepper to a coarse powder.

In a bowl mix all the ingredients from besan to salt and mix nicely

Add little by little water and bring it togeather to form a dough, the douigh shouldnt be harder coz you wont be able to press the sev into oil then

The dough will be slightly sticky

Heat oil in a kadai

Fill the sev press with the dough and press the sev directly over oil.

Fry the sev on a medium flame and till  it turns slightly dark in color

Drain on tissue paper and when cooled transfer them in container and munch on them.


Loved the mild taste of garlic but it is purely optional, you can give it a miss as well.

If you are preparing larger quantities, do not add water to the whole mixtuture, prepare the dough as and when and when required.