In a vessel mix 1cup besan,  3/4 cup curds, 11/2 cup water,  salt,  haldi and mix nicely.  Pressure cook for 7 whistles and remove the pressure.  Mix and spread on a oiled surface.  Roll and give a tadka of rai,  chillies n til.




Khaman dhokla

1 cup besan
11/2 tbsp rava
1/2tsp lemon juice
3 tsp sugar
2 tsp ginger chilli paste
11/2 tsp Eno fruit salt
1/2 tsp turmeric powder

For tempering

1tbsp oil
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
2 green chillies chopped
1 pinch asafoetida

Coriander for garnishing


Mix all d ingredients together except eno add water to make a thick batter
Grease a thaali /plate with oil
Boil water in cooker ,now add the eno in d batter n mix well n pour d batter immediately in thali n steam it for 10 mins.
Prepare the tempering n add 2tbsp water n pour it on d dhokla,garnish with coriander.screenshot_2019-01-25-23-18-27-346_com.instagram.androidscreenshot_2019-01-25-23-18-27-346_com.instagram.android


Palak Pulao

Palak Pulao

Grind 3 bunches palak with 3 g.Chillies and little pudina.
Heat oil in a pan, add jeera, cinnamon cloves and 1 cardamom, then add lots of garlic and 1 chopped onions. Saute and add the palak puree, cook nicely and add peas, salt, dhaniya powder and little garam masala. Add rice double the water and after it boils add paneer pieces on top and cook.




Chocolate Cake Bombs

These are a yummy and is a big hit with kids.

Choco cake bombs

3/4 cup maida
2 tbsp cocoa
2 tbsp oil
1/4 cup sugar  ( powdered sugar)
1/4 cup yogurt
1/2 cup water
Pinch of salt
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda
1-2 drops of lemon juice
1/4 tsp vanilla

Mix curds and water nicely and add oil and vanilla.
Sieve all the dry ingredients in a bowl and add it to the wet ingredients.
Add lemon juice and mix lightly.
Heat a appe pan and grease it.
Pour a spoonful of batter, cover with a lid  and cook for a min.
Turn them around and cook the other side as well.
Ready to be eaten .
I drizzled it with chocolate syrup.
You can also insert choco chips or Choco ganache in the center for a gooey center,for that pour half spoon batter then place the chips or ganache and cover it with more batter.

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Rawa Dosa

Dosa is a must have in my weekly breakfast or dinner menu and i am a die-hard fan of it. Dosa batter is usually there in the fridge and i always make a huge batch of batter…..same goes with my daughter, even she loves dosa’s and onion dosa is her current favorite. This is an instant dosa where in no soaking and grinding is required and it is my go to recipe. You  will get  thin crispy and lacey dosas with this batter. 


Rawa Dosa


1 cup Rawa

1 cup Rice atta

1/4 cup Maida

1/4 cup curds

Salt to taste

1 tsp jeera

2 G.chilli finely chopped

Coriander leaves chopped

Oil as required

Water – close to 3 cups


Combine all the ing. except oil. Add water and prepare a very thin batter . The batter should resemble a thin chaas or buttermilk consistency.

If you have time , rest for 15 mins or proceed further.

Heat a Non stick tawa and take a laddlefull of batter and start poring from the outside i,e from the edge of the pan to the inside. Dont spread the batter with the ladle it will spread by itself.


Add a tsp of oil all over the dosa and let cook on a medium flame till nicely browned .

Serve hot with coconut chutney .

Pinks Notes:

In the same way you can prepare onion rawa dosa as well, for that finely chop onion and spread it on the dosa tawa, then only start pouring the batter, proceed as mentioned above and crisp onion wara dosa is ready.