Hello All,

I am Pinky here n here i come into the world of blogging. Cooking has always interested me and i love to try out new dishes. In search of new recipes i came upon so many food blogs that i was awed with them.

My blog is in making from the past year , but i was always hesitant as there were so many beautiful blogs out there. But finally i have come into this world of blogging.

When i was searching a name of the blog , i was a lot confused coz i wanted a name that will aptly suit my cooking and my thoughts. I have many recipe journals where i have written down lotz of recipes ,  i would jot down recipes from cooking shows, magazines, newspapers , friends. So came up with the name Pinks Recipe Diary.

Like every food blog this blog will be about food food n food. I have a future vision and that is when my daughter will grow up and she wants to cook something she will have always my blog to look upon for recipes.

I welcome you all to my blog and if you have any queries plz feel welcome to  contact me at myrecipediary@gmail.com.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. that is a lovely thought and i bet your daughter will feel so lucky when she is a grownup and realizes what a treasuretrove her mom has left her…all the best from one blogger-mom to another!

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