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My 1st Chocolate Tart N 10000 Views.

As I have told before as well blogging has been fun, it is so gr8 to visit so many wonderful blogs and to realize  that people do visit my blog as well. When i started my blog , i dint wanted to achieve anything or you know go famous with my blog, it was just for my love of cooking that i started it.  The  name Recipe Diary was kept only coz I have tons of diaries where in have jotted down my recipes. Like most bloggers i love cooking and love to prepare new recipes as well and it feels great to share it with other people as well. So thanx to all the people who took time to peep into my blog and take some time out to comment on my blog as well. A Special mention has to be given to Harini And Simran, as these 2 ladies are the inspiration for my blog, theirs are the 1st blogs i had discovered on the web and love them for the encouragement they have given with their kind feedback as well. So here’s a toast to my blog for its 10000 Views. 

I cooked these delicious chocolate tarts to celebrate this occasion e a nice base and they stated quiet well in the fridge as well after pouring the filling in it. Bite into these crunchy and flaky tarts an chocolate filling.These tarts have been in my mind from a long time, actually from the day simran had posted this recipe, but dint have tart molds on hand and only recently did i get these mini tart moulds and this is my 1st experiment with preparing tarts. These are  the best tarts for a chocolate lover as the filling contains only Chocolate Ganache. Do try to indulge in these sweet bites.

Chocolate Tart

Recipe Source Bombay Foodie


30 gms butter

1 tsp oil

2 tsp sugar

1 tbsp water

1/3 cup flour

For the Chocolate Filling

1/4 cup Dark Chocolate Chips

1/3 cup Amul Cream


In a pan mix butter, oil, sugar and water and heat the whole mixture till the butter melts and slightly browns itself.

Take the pan off the heat and add  1/3 cup flour and mix the whole mixture till it forms a ball.

Spoon the mixture into 2 small tart moulds and spread around lightly with a spatula.

When cooled down to handle, pat it on the shell and all around then the edges as well.

Prick it a fork and bake in a preheated oven at 160c for 1 5 mins or until starts to brown a bit.

Let these tart shells cool down in the fridge for an hour.

For the chocolate ganache, add 1/4 chocolate chips into a bowl and place this on a pan filled with water.(the double boiler method)

Add the cream on top of the chips and when the chocolate starts to melt mix the whole mixture till it is nice and smooth.

Pour this ganache over the tarts and chill for some more hours.

Demould from the tart pan and enjoy these sweet delicacies.

Pinks Notes

In the original recipe , simran is specifically called for unsalted butter but as I  didn’t have that on hand, i have used salted butter so increased the qty of sugar to 2 tsp.

I personally loved the flavour of the sweet and salt tart, but if you have unsalted butter go ahead with it.

I can imagine so many different fillings for the tart that you will find many more mini tarts recipes here.


This tart is off to Bake fest 4 hosted by Anusha of Tomato Blues  and started by vardhini of Zesty Palette

This is also off to the sweet luv valentine event hosted again by Vardhini of Zesty Palette