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Til Chutney

I love preparing different types of chutneys and i  have them with rice, dosas or even as a base spread for sandwiches, so any new recipe is always welcome for me to give it a try. At present i think i have 5 different chutneys on my kitchen shelf and each and every chutney powder is good and makes a great addition to my meal.

This week i am paired with Nisha’s Kitchen and the Til chutney is what i prepared for this weeks Blog Hopping. I have followed the recipe as the same and have not made any changes.

Til Chutney


Til (Sesame Seeds) 2 tbsp

Groundunts 11/2 tbsp

Dry grated coconut 1 tbsp

Oil 1/2 tsp

Garlic Cloves 4

R.chillies 4

Tamarind small ball



In a small kadai dry roast til, groundnuts and coconut separately till light brown and you get a aroma of the ingredients.

Let cool.

In the same kadai heat oil and add garlic cloves, tamarind and r.chillies and saute them till garlic turns into a light brown color.

Let this cool completely

Grind all the ingredients togeather along with salt till a fine powder.

Store it into a dry bottle and enjoy it with any dish for a special kick.


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