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Paneer Capsicum N Cheese Toast

For me breakfast is a very important meal of the day and i hate to have the same breakfast every day n week so i always try to prepare something different which is good in taste and which is liked by the 3 of us at home. This is a very easy sandwich toast recipe and a very fulfilling breakfast or snack as well. Do try this easy peasy wholesome breakfast.

Paneer Capsicum N Cheese Toast

Makes 4 toast


Bread Slices 8

Paneer Crumbled 1/2 cup

Onion 1 small thinly sliced

Capsicum 1 Finely Chopped

Amul Cheese Slice 2 cut into squares


pepper 1 tsp

Butter as reqd.


In a bowl mix paneer , Onion,capsicum , cheese,  salt n pepper and mix.

Take a bread slice, spread the mixture evenly in generous quantity and cover it another bread slice.

Spread butter on both the sides and toast in a toaster till nicely crisped and brown.

You can do the same method on a tava as well, after applying the butter, place the bread on a hot tava and press nicely with a spatula and cook on both sides.

Have these hot with Tomato Ketchup!

Pinks Notes

Many add ons can be done to the basic toast, I sometimes spread some mint chutney on the base then then placed the filling.

Adding some finely chopped g.chillies will also give a nice spicy kick to these toast.

Remember the Creamy Curd Dip, i spread that on the base of the sandwich before the filling and then toasted it.

Cooking is all all about you, so cook according to your taste.

Happy Toasting:)

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Savoury N Nutty Semolina Cake

Cooking is always therapeutic and when you try some new recipe and it comes out good…it makes you very happy. This week we are here back with Blog Hopping and it has been so much fun till now,  I am paired with Jyothi of  Pages and i am glad that i discovered her blog. She not only tries to post recipes but has posted many book reviews as well. I am a huge reader and love reading books so it was great to read some reviews on her blog.

This is a very healthy recipe and loved the taste of it. The taste is very similar to Haandvo and is best eaten  when fresh out of the oven. I had seen this recipe some months back on Anjum Anand Tv show and wanted to prepare it from that time but had forgotten to make a note of the recipe. These Savoury Semolina Slices taste great and with the addition of ground almonds it imparts a very nutty flavor as well. A great snack option which is packed with veggies. 

Ready to go into the oven.

This Post will fulfill two ongoing events, one is Blog Hopping and the 2nd is for Magic Mingle where this months magic  ingredients are “Ginger And Almonds” So i tweaked the recipe to a bit so that i can add Almonds and ginger to it as well.

Savoury Semolina Cakes

Recipe Source Pages


Semolina 3/4 cup

Almonds 1/4 cup + 5

Curd 1 cup


Oil 3 tsp

Mustard Seeds 1 tsp

Jeera 1 tsp

Sesame Seeds 2 tbsp

Asafoetida Pinch

Grated Ginger 2 tsp

G.chilli 2 Finely Chopped

Curry leaves 5

Haldi 1/4 tsp

R.chilli Powder 1 tsp


Carrot 2 finely chopped

10 beans Finely Chopped

Frozen Peas 1/4 cup

Cooking Soda 1 tsp

Freshly baked 


Preheat oven for 10 mins at 170c

Grease a loaf pan and keep aside.

Ground Almonds to a fine powder.

Mix with Semolina , Curds And water if required to make a thick batter.

Heat oil in a pan, add mustard jeera and 1 tbsp sesame seeds when it splutters add ginger, curry leaves and G. Chilli.

Saute for a min and add all the veggies and cook for 2 mins by adding along salt, haldi and r.chilli.

Add this mixture to the Semolina mixture and mix nicely.

Add Cooking soda to the mixture, give a nice mix and pourt into the greased loaf pan.

Sprinkle the sesame seeds and the remaining 5 chopped almonds and bake at 170c for 25 mins.

Insert a toothpick at the centre to check whether it is done.

Let cool for sometime and cut into slices and serve immediately.

Best Served with chutney Creamy Curd Dip and Tamarind Chutney.

The option of veggies is totally open, you can add as many as you can like bottlegourd or zuchinni will be a good option.

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Kothimbir Vadi – A Lip smacking Appetizer!

Cooking for me has never been restricted to the food i grew up eating at home, from starting i was happy to wander from the regular food and try something new. Like most girls i have learnt cooking after getting married and have slowly learnt from step to step. From a girl like, whose 1st dish Upma was a disaster, i have come a long way. The daily meals in my house is a mix of Rajasthani, Marathi and diff cuisines thrown in together.

Some 3 years back i dint have any knowledge of food blogs and in search of some recipes i landed on Harini’s Blog, I was awed of her blog from starting and hers must be one of the blog where i have read all the archived post as well. Love her ideas of being a vegan and how she follows it so religiously. I can’t imagine my day without a cup coffee or without ghee and butter. Hats  off to her for following her ideas and she is an inspiration to all of us. I love her photography and i am always on the lookout of her post, there is so much to learn from her and she was one of the 1st person i had contacted when i creating my blog and so thankful for the tips she had given. Please Hop over to her blog and you will be glad to have discovered it if not u have stumbled upon it earlier.

Kothimbir Vadi is a maharastrian snack and i remember eating these long time back on a visit to my in-laws  place , had liked the taste of it and completely forgot about it  till recently when Harini posted a pic of it on Facebook. So decided to finally give them a try and so happy with the outcome of it. It is a Quiet healthy snack as well and uses of loadz of coriander. I have followed her recipe to the ‘T’ and  have not made any changes. But have written down the recipe here as well for my reference.

Kothimbir Vadi

Recipe Source : ToungeTicklers


Coriander leaves  3 cups

 Besan  1 cup 

Ginger  1″

G.Chillies 2

Garlic  1 pod

Water 2 cups

Haldi 1/4 tsp

Salt  to taste

Oil 1 tbsp

For Seasoning
Oil  3-4 tbsp
Sesame seeds  1 tsp
Mustard seeds  1 tsp
Curry leaves
G.chili 1
Grind Ginger, Garlic and G.chillies to a paste.
Clean the coriander leaves and wash them nicely keep aside.
Grease a plate and keep aside.
Mix besan, salt, haldi and water and prepare a batter. Mix coriander leaves as well and mix.
Heat oil in a non stick pan and add the g.chilli paste and cook for a min till then raw smell of the garlic goes.
Add the besan mixture and keep on stirring regularly till all the water evaporates and the whole mixtures comes to thick consistency like a wet dough.
Here the non stick pan really helps as the mixture doesn’t stick on the bottom or else u can also use a very thick bottomed kadai.
This whole cooking process will take up to 8-10 mins on a medium flame.
Transfer the dough like to the greased plate and spread evenly and let cool completely.
Cut into desired shapes.
Heat oil in a non stick pan and add all the ingredients under seasoning. Place the cubed pieces and shallow fry them on both sides till the outer layer is nicely crisped and browned.
Serve them hot with chutney of your choice or it will be also a good side dish for Dal and Rice as we had. 
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Cutlets:The best ones.

I love cutlets, tikkis hand veg. kababs but i hardly prepare these. The last time i had prepared cutlets must be some years ago. I know it is a very easy cooking process to prepare these and but dont know why i never prepare these when i want to prepare some good snack to ,maybe this can also be coz these dishes are not which i have grown up eating but only found out when i was old enough to eat out and discovered these dishes. But still i have to kick myself for not experimenting more in my kitchen. I love cooking and whenever i see a recipe which interest me i usually bookmark it and also write down the recipe in my diary but i never prepare these….most of the time i am too lazy too cook and go for the shortcut methods which i am familiar in preparing…. i really think i should rename my blog as “A lazy but interested cook”. Have made up my mind to keep cooking new recipes and try to blog regularly maybe twice a week should do it. I am really not the one who can blog everyday and i love some blogs who update it everyday. My salute to them in keeping up.

Coming to the recipe the 1st time i had cutlets was when i was in my 12th and had it in a very famous chat restuarant near my college.Have prepared it harldy maybe 5 times in so many years… but i am surely going to change this and prepare them regularly like maybe atleast once in two months maybe. These cutlets are made of Potato and some addition of paneer as well and by god there are a treat to eat. Love the crunchy texture outside which comes from breadcrumbs and soft texture inside. Do try these atleast once and you will surely fall in love with them.



Potato 3 medium Boiled peeled and grated

Paneer 1/4 cup grated

Kissan cream cheese 1 tbsp

Coriander leaves as much as u like

Mint leaves 5 sprigs

Salt to taste

Chaat masala 1 tsp

R.chilli powder 1 tsp

Lemon Juice 1 tsp

For Outer covering

3 tbsp maida


Flavored bead crumbs


In a bowl mix all the ingredients from potato till lemon juice.

Mix them nicely and prepare cylindrical rolls.

You can prepare these beforehand and let them sit in the fridge till further use.

Mix maida with water and prepare a smooth paste. the consistency can be that of the dosa batter.

Spread the bread crumbs in a wide plate.

Heat oil in a kadai.

Take the rolls and dip them 1st in batter and then roll them in bread crumbs.

Again dip them in batter and again roll them in bread crumbs.

I double dip these to get the extra crunchy texture.

Plop them in oil 2 at a time and deep fry till dark brown in color.

Serve Hot Hot with chutney or sauce or any dip you prefer.

These are sure yum in taste and you wont be able to stop yourself from eating more than 2. I dare on that.

Pinks Notes

For Flavored Bread Crumbs: Grind bread in a mixie along with some pepper and dried mint leaves.

These cutlets  are not spicy but you can finely chopped g.chilli or a spoonful of garam masala.

You can prepare these in round tikkis shape and add it you burger.

I did sandwich the rolls between chutney spread bread slices and had my own bread burger.

Adding veggies is always good and there are a number of them you can add like beans carrot peas corn…they can go endless

Have Fun and Do Enjoy!!!!!!

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Thattai (Nuppitu)

This is a savory snack i had prepared for Diwali but hardly had time to post this. his is something similar to nuppitu which you will find in any churmuri stall in Mysore. This was my 1st attempt at making them and loved the way they came out, and when bloggers post step to step pics it becomes much more simpler to understand a recipe. I suck at step by step pics and hardly can take clicks of the whole process.


Reicpe Source  Sharmis Passion

Makes 30 No’s 


Rice Flour 2 cups

Urad dal Flour 1/8 cup

Dalia/Roasted gram dal 1/2 cup

chana dal 1 tbsp

Butter 1 1/2 tbsp

Curry leaves 10 no’s

salt to taste

Sesame seeds 1 tbsp

R.chilli powder 1 tsp


oil to deep fry


Prepare urad dal flour

Take 1/2 cup urad dal and dry roast them till slightly brown in color.

when cooled grind to a smooth and fine powder.

Seive and use as required.

Soak chana dal for 15 mins.

Dry roast rice flour for a min and keep aside

Dry roast dalia and when cooled grind to a fine powder

In a bowl mix all the ingredients from rice flour to R.chilli and mix nicely.

Add enough water to make a smooth and soft dough..It should not be very sticky so be careful while adding water.

Take 2 plastic sheets and grease both of them.

Take a big ball sized of the dough and roll it between 2 sheets. roll it thinly and prick all over.

Cut rounds using a round cutter or else a lid of a bottle will also do.

Heat oil in a pan for frying and drop the thattai’s in hot oil and fry them on a medium flame till brown in color.

Let cool and store in a jar.


Adding some halved roasted and soaked peanuts will also be a good addition.