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Kal Dosai / Set Dosa

Sometimes even if you have time on hand, you dont utilize it and as i tell always i am a real lazy bum and sometimes hates myself for it. I had preared these dosas a week back and planned to post it before 24th as that was the date for the Taste and Create. This time i was back with them after a break of some months and so wanted to be prompt in posting, but my moods had other plans and hence the delay, sorry min and will surely make it before the deadline from next time. This month i am paired with Veena of Veg Juction and have prepared these beauties.

Dosa’s are a regular fare in my home and have followed her recipe completely.

Kal Dosai/Set Dosa


Raw rice 1 cup

Par boiled Rice  1 cup

Udad Dal 1/2 cup

Fenugreek seeds 1 tsp

Salt to taste

Ghee to cook


Soak both the rice together in water for 3 hours

Soak the dal  for 3 hours

Soak the Fenugreek seeds in little water for the same time

Wash the soaked dal well, drain the water and grind it into a very smooth fluffy batter with minimum water.

Wash the rice and drain out the water. Grind it with the fenugreek seeds with the water that is soaked in. It givs a tremendous amount of flavour to the Dosai. Grind it to a very smooth batter

Mix both the batters nicely by adding salt.

Cover the batter and leave it to ferment overnight.

Next day, Heat a Tawa,Pour a ladle full of batter into it,do not spread the batter as it will spread by itself.

Spread ghee all around the dosa and cook for a minute.

Serve hot with chutney of your choice.

I sprinkled some dry chutney powder on the dosa while it was cooking, this is the way sakshi likes it.

This is off to Taste And Create February Edition.

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Paneer Capsicum N Cheese Toast

For me breakfast is a very important meal of the day and i hate to have the same breakfast every day n week so i always try to prepare something different which is good in taste and which is liked by the 3 of us at home. This is a very easy sandwich toast recipe and a very fulfilling breakfast or snack as well. Do try this easy peasy wholesome breakfast.

Paneer Capsicum N Cheese Toast

Makes 4 toast


Bread Slices 8

Paneer Crumbled 1/2 cup

Onion 1 small thinly sliced

Capsicum 1 Finely Chopped

Amul Cheese Slice 2 cut into squares


pepper 1 tsp

Butter as reqd.


In a bowl mix paneer , Onion,capsicum , cheese,  salt n pepper and mix.

Take a bread slice, spread the mixture evenly in generous quantity and cover it another bread slice.

Spread butter on both the sides and toast in a toaster till nicely crisped and brown.

You can do the same method on a tava as well, after applying the butter, place the bread on a hot tava and press nicely with a spatula and cook on both sides.

Have these hot with Tomato Ketchup!

Pinks Notes

Many add ons can be done to the basic toast, I sometimes spread some mint chutney on the base then then placed the filling.

Adding some finely chopped g.chillies will also give a nice spicy kick to these toast.

Remember the Creamy Curd Dip, i spread that on the base of the sandwich before the filling and then toasted it.

Cooking is all all about you, so cook according to your taste.

Happy Toasting:)

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Tomato Onion Chutney

This chutney I had prepared sometime back to accompany dosa’s along with the coconut chutney i usually prepare. I prepare a lot of different type of dosas at home, so I always try to prepare different chutney to pair with it. This has a lovely tang taste to it coz of the tomatoes and has  a lovely flavour as well. Do try this version as it and it surely will be a regular feature in your menu.

Tomato Onion Chutney

Recipe Source : Raks Kitchen


Onion 1

Tomatoes 2

R.chillies 4

Chana Dal 1 tbsp

Coconut Grated 2 tbsp

Oil 2 tsp

Salt to taste

For Tempering

Oil 1 tsp

Mustard Seeds 1 tsp

Urad Dal 1 tsp

Curry leaves 5 leaves

Dry Red Chilli 1


Chop Onion and Tomatoes into big pieces.

Heat oil in a pan, Add chana dal and saute till light brown, then add red chillies and fry them till it turns a bit dark in color.

Set aside.

In the same pan, add the onions and tomatoes and saute them nicely till the tomatoes turns soft.

Cool and blend to a paste along with the chana dal, r.chillies, grated coconut and salt.

Add little spoonfuls of water to get into a smoother consistency.

Transfer to a serving bowl.

Prepare the tempering with the ingredients mentioned and pour over the chutney.

Serve with Idli or Dosa of your choice.

Would love to know what are the different type of chutneys you prepare  for idli’s and Dosa’s?

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Savoury N Nutty Semolina Cake

Cooking is always therapeutic and when you try some new recipe and it comes out good…it makes you very happy. This week we are here back with Blog Hopping and it has been so much fun till now,  I am paired with Jyothi of  Pages and i am glad that i discovered her blog. She not only tries to post recipes but has posted many book reviews as well. I am a huge reader and love reading books so it was great to read some reviews on her blog.

This is a very healthy recipe and loved the taste of it. The taste is very similar to Haandvo and is best eaten  when fresh out of the oven. I had seen this recipe some months back on Anjum Anand Tv show and wanted to prepare it from that time but had forgotten to make a note of the recipe. These Savoury Semolina Slices taste great and with the addition of ground almonds it imparts a very nutty flavor as well. A great snack option which is packed with veggies. 

Ready to go into the oven.

This Post will fulfill two ongoing events, one is Blog Hopping and the 2nd is for Magic Mingle where this months magic  ingredients are “Ginger And Almonds” So i tweaked the recipe to a bit so that i can add Almonds and ginger to it as well.

Savoury Semolina Cakes

Recipe Source Pages


Semolina 3/4 cup

Almonds 1/4 cup + 5

Curd 1 cup


Oil 3 tsp

Mustard Seeds 1 tsp

Jeera 1 tsp

Sesame Seeds 2 tbsp

Asafoetida Pinch

Grated Ginger 2 tsp

G.chilli 2 Finely Chopped

Curry leaves 5

Haldi 1/4 tsp

R.chilli Powder 1 tsp


Carrot 2 finely chopped

10 beans Finely Chopped

Frozen Peas 1/4 cup

Cooking Soda 1 tsp

Freshly baked 


Preheat oven for 10 mins at 170c

Grease a loaf pan and keep aside.

Ground Almonds to a fine powder.

Mix with Semolina , Curds And water if required to make a thick batter.

Heat oil in a pan, add mustard jeera and 1 tbsp sesame seeds when it splutters add ginger, curry leaves and G. Chilli.

Saute for a min and add all the veggies and cook for 2 mins by adding along salt, haldi and r.chilli.

Add this mixture to the Semolina mixture and mix nicely.

Add Cooking soda to the mixture, give a nice mix and pourt into the greased loaf pan.

Sprinkle the sesame seeds and the remaining 5 chopped almonds and bake at 170c for 25 mins.

Insert a toothpick at the centre to check whether it is done.

Let cool for sometime and cut into slices and serve immediately.

Best Served with chutney Creamy Curd Dip and Tamarind Chutney.

The option of veggies is totally open, you can add as many as you can like bottlegourd or zuchinni will be a good option.

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Sunshine In My Bowl

Weather here in Mysore is playing hide n seek with us……Should it be winter now or has  summer already started? It is like that here, some days are so hot that only eating spoonfuls of  ice cream will keep you cool and someday’s like today there is a chill in the morning air. In winters i love eating hot foods. If you have seen my earlier post of Chawal ki ghaat, this recipe is similar to that but instead of rice i have used coarsely grounded makki or maize and the cooking method also varies.

It is a bowl of comfort and sunshine and you will love having it on a cold chilly day. A apt breakfast for us at home with a dollop of ghee and a dash of pickle will also be a great addition to it. It is a very simple preparation with very less ingredients.

Makki Ki Ghaat


Coarsely Grounded Makki/Maize 1 cup

Thin Buttermilk 3 cups (1/2 cup extra if required)

Salt to taste



In a thick bottomed kadai heat buttermilk and salt.

Wash the makki in water to remove the impurities and add to the buttermilk mixture.

Keep Stirring continiously for the next 3-4 mins.

Once when the whole mixture comes to a boil , slow the flame and cook for the next 15-20 mins.

Keep stirring every 2-3 mins as the mixture tends to settle at the bottom and starts sticking to the bottom.

After 20 mins the mixture will be cooked completely.

Add more buttermilk if you feel that the mixture is too thick.

Serve this bowlful with a good dollop of ghee and have it piping hot.

Pinks Notes

I do get the coarsely grounded Makki reading available here but if you dont get it , you can get maize and get it grounded in a mill.

The texture is more like a rawa but the kernels are bit bigger than a rawa.

Chalo Bi Cya till next post!!!