52 Week of 2012

Happy New Year – Any Resolutions

Happy New Year!!

I am back on this  after a break of more than a year, and i am looking forward to blogging in the coming time. Thanx to FB, I was constantly getting a glimpse of the blogging world and in a way i started missing it. What gave me a Push was this group which just started this year and i was excited to be a part of it. Thanx Aparna for letting Me know about this.


Pic Courtesy New Year

The Task for 1st week was New Year Resolutions, Now that kept me thinking , we all  make a resolution on the 1st day of the year and plan to stick through it the whole year but with me it rarely happens ;). The resolution which i keep every year is mostly Exercise N  Eat healthy but it flies out of the window in the 1st week only. So this year i have not kept any resolutions but the only one i want to stick doing is complete the 52 Week of 2013  i.e post per week. I really hope i do this.

So all  you people  around who keep resolutions and keep doing it the whole year a big hats off to you and for others like me who cant stick to it for a week as well come join the lazy club.

Finally linking this to 52 Week of 2013 and wishing you all a Wonderful and joyful year ahead.



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