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A Creamy Curd Dip N My 1st Product Review.

“Briannai Nutrichoice Multigrain Thins” this Is the  goodie bag I won  from Lubna’s Blog somedays back. Winning always makes us happy and I was damn happy to have won something for the 1st time in the bogosphere. Loved these thins and it has become a regular in my daugters snack box. So I planned that this is a good product for my 1st Product review.

We all are familiar with Brittania as it is one of the few brands which is there in the market from a long time. Let it be the humble

Britannia Marie Gold Or Good Day biscuits which is a must have on tea time.I love  my tea and love to dunk goodday biscuit in it. As time changes and peoples dietary habits change, Britannia is also taking into view of Peoples eating habits and trying to launch new products based on what people  prefer to snack on.

I loved these thins and they are a great option for snack time. Also that these are non fried also lifts up its selling quotient. We all are opening ourselves to use multigrain in our daily diet and we all are already familiiar with the benefits of flax seeds. These crisp also come with a goodness of Oats, Corn, Ragi , Rice and wheat along apunch of flaxseeds as well. These are not fried and is always a plus point. I received these in  two flavors, ‘Herb N Tomato’ and ‘Mint N lime’. Both are good in taste but I am more fond of th Mint and lemon .

I also love their tag line

‘Snack That Loves You Back”

“Filled with So Much Goodness it Returns Your Love For it”

Disclaimer : This product review is entirely based on my taste and my likeness of the product, I have not been paid to do this”

I prepared a simple dip to go along with thins on a evening snack and here goes the recipe for it. The dip is very simple with no complicated flavours in it. The thins does have a punch of flavors in it and so prepared a simple dip to pair with it.

Creamy Minted and Curd Dip


Curds 250 ml

Mint leaves 3 Finely Chopped

Milk 1 tbsp


Chilli Flakes


Line the seive with a Muslin clothe and pour th curds into it.

Fold the clothes from all 4 sides and place it in the fridge by tying it to one of the fridge rack.

There is no need of the seive now and just keep a big bowl below the cloth to catch the dripping water.

Let rest like this for atleast 3 hrs or overnight also will do.

When ready to use press th cloth nicely so that if any remaining curd whey is drained.

Tranfer to a bowl add in salt and mint leaves. Mix nicely

Add milk and give agood stir.

Transfer to a serving bowl and sprinkle with chilli flakes.

Let it rest in fridge till served.

Pinks Notes

Serve these with any chips, crackers or cucumber or carrot sticks.

It is also a good spread on a sandwich and we enjoyed it at home.

 A Good drizzle of olive oil will also taste great.

This Dip is going to Priya’s Event The Big Chutney Chow Down ……Do hop over there to drool over various chutneys and dips in the making.



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