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Sunshine In My Bowl

Weather here in Mysore is playing hide n seek with us……Should it be winter now or has  summer already started? It is like that here, some days are so hot that only eating spoonfuls of  ice cream will keep you cool and someday’s like today there is a chill in the morning air. In winters i love eating hot foods. If you have seen my earlier post of Chawal ki ghaat, this recipe is similar to that but instead of rice i have used coarsely grounded makki or maize and the cooking method also varies.

It is a bowl of comfort and sunshine and you will love having it on a cold chilly day. A apt breakfast for us at home with a dollop of ghee and a dash of pickle will also be a great addition to it. It is a very simple preparation with very less ingredients.

Makki Ki Ghaat


Coarsely Grounded Makki/Maize 1 cup

Thin Buttermilk 3 cups (1/2 cup extra if required)

Salt to taste



In a thick bottomed kadai heat buttermilk and salt.

Wash the makki in water to remove the impurities and add to the buttermilk mixture.

Keep Stirring continiously for the next 3-4 mins.

Once when the whole mixture comes to a boil , slow the flame and cook for the next 15-20 mins.

Keep stirring every 2-3 mins as the mixture tends to settle at the bottom and starts sticking to the bottom.

After 20 mins the mixture will be cooked completely.

Add more buttermilk if you feel that the mixture is too thick.

Serve this bowlful with a good dollop of ghee and have it piping hot.

Pinks Notes

I do get the coarsely grounded Makki reading available here but if you dont get it , you can get maize and get it grounded in a mill.

The texture is more like a rawa but the kernels are bit bigger than a rawa.

Chalo Bi Cya till next post!!!


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