Gobi Manchurian

When  you go into a chat street the first smell which usually hits you is the sauces being cooked for the Manchurian. It is one of the ever popular Chinese food which you will find in  every place you go in India, but most probably you wont find this dish in china. Mysore is famous for its dosas and idlis along with churmuri but visit any chat street and a Chinese stall will be there along mostly  serving Manchurian noodles and fried rice. I love watching them when they prepare this, everything is done on a high heat and the way they keep mix everything is a visual treat, but it s a long time i have not had in the street stalls now.So coming to the recipe now. which is the way i usually prepare.

Gobi Manchurian


For fried florets

Cauliflower Florets 1 medium sized

3 tbsp maida

3 tbsp cornflour

Ginger garlic paste 1 tsp

1 tsp soy sauce

1/2 tsp chilli sauce

1 tbsp tomato sauce

salt to taste

Oil for deep frying

For Sauce

Oil 1 tbsp

Ginger and garlic crushed 1 heaped tbsp

G.chilli 1

Whites of spring onion 4 tbps

1 small capsicum thinly sliced

Soy sauce 1 tbps

Chilli sauce 1 tbsp

Tomato sauce 2 tbsp


1 tbsp cornflour mixed in 3 tbsp water

greens of spring onion for garnish


For Fried Florets:

Dunk cauliflower florets in hot water for 10 mins. Drain the water and keep in a bowl.

Add all the ingredients except oil and toss everything nicely. Keep aside for a minimum of 1 hr.

Heat oil in a frying pan and add the florets one by one and deep fry them till crisp.

Dont forget to sneak some of these and eat , they taste very good like this as well.

For Sauce:

Heat oil in a pan,  add onion, crushed garlic and ginger and give a mix.

Add G.chilli and capsicum strips and little salt  and saute for some seconds.

Add all the 3 sauces and the cornflour mix and give a nice stir.

Lastly add cauliflower florets and mix nicely and serve hot.


The mixing of the sauce and florets is usually done on a high flame.

U can substitute cauliflower with babycorn or paneer as well.

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