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Mini Cheesecake

I loved making this recipe  and was so very happy doing it. I really appreciate people who are so open in trying out doing different recipes and Kavi’s blog Edible Entertainment is one of them. I like that she has tried so many different types of recipes and i had a bit of time in deciding the one i would like to cook. Initially i had decided on making Onion Rings but when she posted this recipe recently i was sure that this would be the one i would be making.

I have hardly tasted cheesecake earlier so it was a good thing that i made this.It tasted just so awesome and i am so very happy to make it. It tasted so delicious and i was so proud to present it to my family. Loved the crust and then the creamy layer on the top it was silky smooth and melt in the mouth texture. So lets rock to the recipe now,do really try this out coz it was yummy and yummy.

I have followed kavi’s recipes till the most part by making only some minor changes.

Mini Cheesecake


Prepare Cream Cheese

500ml whole milk

1 tbsp curds

2 tbsp cream

Prepare Cheesecake

For Crust

100gm pack of Hide and Seek Bisuits

1 Tbsp Butter

For Jelly Filling

Weilkfeilds Jelly 100 gms pack

For  ceam Filling

Cream cheese

Amul cream 80gms

Powdered Sugar 1/2 cup

1/2 tsp vanilla essense

1 tbsp china grass

1 tbsp hot water


Dark Chocolate


Cream Cheese

Heat milk and when starts boiling add 1 tsp lemon juice and stir till the milk separates.

Rest for 5 mins and strain in a muslin cloth and wash it with fresh water,drain all the excess water and pulse it in a mixer along with the cream till u get a creamy consistency.

Yup Cream Cheese is ready.


Crush the biscuits either with a rolling pin or in a mixer along with 1 tbsp butter.

Press around 2 tbsp of it on the base of each serving glass.

Chilli for 30 mins and above.

Jelly Filling

Prepare jelly according to the instructions on the pack and pour  1” or more above the crust and chilli it again for 30 mins or more for the jelly to set.

Cream Filling.

Mix Chinagrass in 1 tbsp hot water and stir till dissolved. Let cool

Beat cream cheese along with vanilla and sugar nicely.

Add cream and beat the mixture till it is smooth and fluffy.

Add china grass at this stage and whisk again.

Pour this mixture over the jelly and crust base and pour evenly.

Let it chilli in the fridge for more than 6-8 hrs.

Serve with grated dark chocolate.

This was the best dessert i have made till now………it was yummilicious.

This is off to Blog Hop Wednesday

28 thoughts on “Mini Cheesecake

  1. hi, came here via the bbc gppd homes fb page, where you left a comment…i loved this recipe, always ignored recipes with cream cheese as its not available where i live but now i can make it myself, thanks to this recipe…thanks and hve to say you have a wide variety of recipes here that i am enjoying reading right now ! Ciao!

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