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Banana Chips

Blogging is fun as u get to meet virtually so many people and learn new foods as well. I had Joined “Blog Hop Wednesdays” an event started by Radhika Of Tickling Palettes, i loved the idea of visiting other blogs and cooking up a recipe from that blog, this landed me on Rinku’s blog and this was the first time i was visiting her space. The blog included many of Kerala recipes and was happy to try some of them at least as I have never cooked much of Kerala cuisine at home, but then i saw the post of Banana chips or Kaaya Upperi as called in Kerala and was tempted to try them out at home. Do hop over to her blog for some lovely kerali recipes. i have never prepared these at home and was glad that i tried, they are so easy to prepare and came out nicely.

Banana Chips


Raw banana 2

water 1 cup+1/4 cup

haldi 1 tsp


Oil for frying.


1. Peel the outer layer of bananas and slice them thinly in a slicer.

2. Mix 1 cup water with haldi and soak the sliced bananas in it for 5 mins.

3. Drain all the water and spread on a plate.

4. Mix salt in 1/4 cup water.

5. Heat oil in a frying pan, when hot lower the flame and add some of the banana slices, fry them by flipping them in regular intervals.

6. When looks more than half-cooked, add a couple of Tbsp of salted water in the oil and cover with a lid so that oil doesnt splatter out.

7. After some secs the splattering will stop check the chips and when crisp remove with a slotted spoon on a tissue paper.

8. Do the same with the remaining batch as well.

9. When cool store in a jar and keep munching.


Maybe I will increase the amount of haldi to 2 tsp as I dint get the yellow color we find in chips.

I was damn scared to add water to hot oil but it was not scary as i had thought, just keep a lid in one hand to cover it as soon as u add water.

I also dint use the whole 1/4 cup of slated water, used maybe 4-5 tbsp.

This is off to Blog Hop Wednesday and looking forward to the next blog hopping.


14 thoughts on “Banana Chips

  1. Thanks for trying this recipe Pinky. I am glad u liked it. I have kept the measurement of water to 1/4 cup because it will be easier for us to take it spoon by spoon in between all that covering and splashing. 🙂

    Thanks once again. Hope you will keep visiting.
    Happy to follow u..

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