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Rawa Idli

Idli is a staple food item in any household or any restaurant you visit here in Mysore.I love Idlis a lot and there was time where i would only eat Idlis whenever i would dine out. Preparing the regular rice idli is a bit of a time-consuming process as you have to soak the dals and rice grind them and then ferment them for many hours, but rawa idli is a recipe which u can prepare in a quickie and they taste great too.

Rawa Idli

Makes  10 Idlis


Sooji rawa 1 Cup

Sour Curds 1/2 cup

water 1 cup

Coriander leaves



For Tempering

2 Tsp Oil

1 tsp mustard seeds (rai)

1 tbsp chana dal

4-5 curry leaves

1 g.chilli finely chopped

1 tsp grated ginger


1. Heat oil in a pan and add the tempering ingredients one by one.

2. Add rawa and saute it for some time till the raw smell of the rawa goes, this may take approx 5 mins and you have to do this on a slow flame.

3. Let it cool down and add salt curds water and coriander leaves.

4. If u have time on hand u can rest this batter for 1/2 hr or if pressed for time u can prepare it instantly as well.

5. This batter is a bit thicker than your regular idli batter.

6. Grease your idli plates and pour the batter into the moulds.

7. Steam them for 15 mins

Serve hot with Coconut chutney.


Veggies like grated carrot and peas are also added to the basic batter.

If u dont have sour curds on hand,  add 1/4 tsp of cooking soda as this will help the idlis to become softer.

I always skip adding soda as i alwayz use sour curds and usually rest the batter for as much time as i can.

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