Indian Cuisine

Indian Cuisine Series

India a country with so many cultures, so many religions and along with these come so many different cuisines.When u see India cuisine in a context , the majority of people are familiar with north indian food  and South India food, Rajasthani and Gujarati food and maybe some more of it. But there is a wide range available apart from these as well. North India food doesn’t only comprise of Punjabi food there is a wide range available apart from that as well, In the same way  south Indian food is not only about Idli, dosas, u have much more variety available apart from these as well.

                                           (Pic Courtesy

I have always wanted to travel India and get a taste of different cuisines, but i have traveled very less , so to learn different cuisines i am planning to start a virtual Indian tour wherein i will cook dishes from different states and try to learn new ways of cooking as well. This will be ongoing series and will keep posting different recipes from all over the country. when I look at the above map I feel that I  don’t know majority of the cuisines mentioned here. I am a lazy cook in that way, I come across so many recipes on different blogs and different magazines and always bookmark them to prepare it, but most of the times I forget completely about them.(Psst my bookmark page is so long should try some of them to clear it at least). This post was created almost 2 years ago  and i am planning to revive this and start on cooking something.

I would love to get feedback from u all as well, any recipe suggestion is always welcome.


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    This post was written way back in 2011 July and i have not cooked much at all in context to this, so planning to plunge in and start cooking. Maybe a year from now..i can that that , yes i i did attempt to cook new cuisines from different Indian region.

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