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Butter Cookies

Baking cookies have always been a disaster for me. when I look at the recipe it looks so simple but whenever I have baked them they have never turned out to be perfect .A year back in search of good and simple recipes for cookies I came upon Simran’s blog and loved her blog for the  simple recipes. When i tried baking cookies and the end result was not good i contacted her for some tips to help me and she replied with so many useful tips which were very helpful to me.

Today’s recipe is from Simran’s blog as well.I just felt like baking something today late at night,  So at 11.30 at night I went to the kitchen and started making them and as I am writing this post the cookies are still baking.

Butter Cookies.


Soft Butter 50 gms

Maida  1/2 Cup

Cornflour  1 Tbsp

Brown Sugar 3 Tbsp


Mix all the 3  dry ingredients nicely , Add butter and slowly mix it in. Try to form a dough with it.

I added 1 tsp of milk just to moisten it a bit.

Make round balls and bake in a preheated oven at 160c for for 15 mins.

Cool on a wire rack for some time and start munching.


As u can see from the pic above they are not the  best looking  cookies , but if u hop over to Simran’s blog u will see the actual cookie pic, still a lot to learn to master the art of baking cookies.

The cookies did  turn out nice and I was a tee bit happy with the result. I will surely be trying out some other cookies and till then keep watching this space for more food.


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