Rajasthani · Roti/Paratha/thepla

Rajasthani Roti

Now what is special in a roti, everybody prepares  it at home on a daily basis, but let me let u know this is a special type of roti and we call it as “Jaadi Roti” means a very thick roti. I have alwayz thought about the origins of preparing roti in this way but never found out. In my school  dayz it was a regular dinner for us, it is had with dal and Dal-chawal-jaddi roti would be a complete meal.

There was a time when i used to detest eating it and after marriage I didn’t try making this for a long time. but u know there comes a time when after some time  u start to miss  the food which you used to eat while growing up  and to satisfy that craving I started preparing this . It is a fairly simple method to prepare and usually is mixed in dal and eaten , but I like it much better with onion subzi and mango pickle.

Jaadi Roti


1 cup Atta

5 Tbsp Oil


Water for kneading the dough.



Mix atta, salt and oil in a bowl, then slowly add water to prepare a hard dough.



Roll out the dough into a thick roti maybe around 3/4 to 1″ thickness and Prick the roti with a fork on one side




Heat a thick bottomed tawa and place roti on a hot tawa. keep on pressing it on all sides so that it cooks slightly.

Then turn the roti around and cook the other side as well, you have to press it light from all sides so that the roti gets cooked nicely.



when you see that the bottom side is lightly browned, u have to start pinching the top of the roti from one corner and continue till u have done with the whole roti. This is basically done so that the roti gets cooked from inside as well.



Turn around the roti so that the pinched side of the roti is below and cook a medium flame for 5 mins.then slow the flame and cook it for another 15-20 mins, u have to keep moving the roti around so that it get cooks from all side. It will get browned when cooked completely.

Once you feel that it has cooked completely take it off the tawa and place it on a plate and pour Tbsp of ghee on the whole roti. You may require 5-6 Tbsp of ghee for this.

Cut it into triangles and serve hot.

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